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Season 21 is here

Today is the beginning of our 2021-22 tackle football and cheer season. As a staff we have put in hundreds of hours preparing and are excited to get back at it with all of the kids. Thank you to our community for all of the support as we continue to grow the outreach of our mission. We will continue to give these kids and environment where they can be safe and have fun. Many of our kids come from the fringes of normal society. Whether they are homeschooled and thought of as "weird", or they are minorities and looked at with prejudice. From country kids to city folk.

Here we are all family. Here with the Patriots we will continue to show our kids love and grace while we enjoy this beautiful game. We hope to see you tonight from 6pm-8pm at 601 36th St SW, Wyoming, MI behind West Michigan Lutheran High School.

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